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8th May 2006
God had given me a prophetic word eleven days prior to a conference, one I hoped I would never have to deliver! Day one of the conference I heard God say “Now”, meaning I had to give the message. “Ask forgiveness for your sins or there will be a judgment, says the Lord” as I delivered it.  Twenty four hours later, (9th May 2006) as I was sitting on my own at the conference  feeling  abandoned, I heard God say “TIME”. “Father I don’t feel like prayer”, “TIME”, as an obedient servant of our Father, I went to the front. A pastor laid hands on me, and I crashed to the floor and went into a seizure (gran mal), I then heard the words of God saying “him”, meaning Pastor Nick from New Zealand. My body was jerking and he took my hands trembling. My seizure stopped instantly. God had healed me completely. As I stood up in front of the large speakers, with total immunity with loud sounds of music, I screamed “Jesus has healed me!” I knew my day had come! I have not had one seizure since the 9th May 2006. I ceased my heavy duty medication, which I would not recommend to readers without first seeking medical advice. I had the faith and the obedience and received God’s Grace.
Again I say my injuries were caused by damage to various neurons in the brain during surgery. I lay no responsibility on anyone of the medical profession. I had never previously suffered from any form of seizures.
Deuteronomy 30:20 “listen to His voice, and hold fast to Him. For the Lord is your life, and He will give you many years."
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