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  • Dr. Mark Ukro, who treats patients with leprosy and tuberculosis at Mbembe Obubra was pleading for assistance for his patients. “We desperately need wound care, medication. and  lifestyle for my patients.” Detailed directions to this colony was given to Linnie prior to leaving Australia, including water at the rear. Again another prophecy Linnie received.
  • The manager of thirty years, said “ we have no water, not enough food and services for my people, we don’t what to do, please help us”
  • Dr. Alphonsus physician in charge at Moniaya colony Ogoja said “We cater for people who have been cured of leprosy, but who are severely handicapped and need wound care and medication due to ulcers. I also care for patients with tuberculosis, who are here to die. Again we need urgent help for medication.”
  • People who have not been cured of leprosy are not admitted to leper colonies, and live in the wilderness because of the stigma. ”Why?” Linnie asked. Policies are such that people who have not been cured can go back to their families, and treatment can be given. However many people have no families or their families don’t want to know them, and have to travel miles to obtain medical help, then to find out there is not enough medication to suffice. This picture is an example of how many victims are suffering chronically from leprosy disease! Without medical help, he will lose his leg. Please help him – please help us.
Disabilities of Leprosy
Ulcer on leg.
Leprosy disability at Ogoja.
Leprosy at Ogoja.
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