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EKET – Nigeria. Whilst preaching our Lord said “lady with the circulation problems with her foot come forth in My Name” I saw a vision of a black foot. She came forward for prayer. Her pain was relieved instantly in Jesus Name

AKAMKPA – Nigeria. "My name is Christopher, I have been lame since birth." Ps.Linnie said “the lame will walk.” "I was carried to the front for prayer and within minutes I started walking. All glory to Jesus Our Saviour."

AKAMKPA – Nigeria. Collinus. Ps. Linnie said “the blind will see”. “I was visually impaired, and needed all assistance. The first thing I saw was Ps. Linnie’s cross and square things around her neck (Star of David), I can now take myself to the toilet and back again – All glory to Our Lord”

AKAMPA – Nigeria Prior to Linnie leaving Australia Our Lord said “HIV will be healed in My Name.” Linnie received a text months later from Ps. Owalegba “Girl with HIV told me she went for test and she is now negative!” Jesus is our healer through His Grace.

NOV 2008 ANGELICA – LOSS OF SPEECH Whilst at a function in Akamkpa Nigeria, Our Lord told me to pray for a lady with loss of speech due to a stroke she had suffered. As I prayed to our gracious Jesus for restoration, I said to her “AMEN” three times, Angelica said clearly “AMEN” back to me three times. I then said other words, and she repeated all. Faith, obedience and the power of prayer brought the Grace to Angelica.
Nigeria, Africa
Black foot better
Girl HIV free!!
Cristopher can walk!
Collinus can see!
Nigerian Leper