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LEPROSY CALABAR – Nigeria. “Leprosy heals in My Name,” says the Lord. This prophetic Word was given prior to Linnie leaving Australia April 08

Linnie asked, “who is this man?” Ps. Louis replied, “he is a Muslim leper mama.” “Father what should I do?” prayed Linnie. “Why would you not pray?" said the Lord. “Father how would you like me to pray?” “Quiet,” said the Lord. Within minutes the Holy Spirit said through Linnie “BE CLEAN!” (Matthew 8:3) This man gave his life to Christ. On the last trip to Calabar November 08 we searched for him. It was confirmed by a witness at his time of healing that he is now off the streets. Jesus is Our Saviour and Jesus Heals.
Nigerian Leper
Muslim street leper.
Linnie prays for the leper.
Leper 4 days after pray with scabbing to the face.
Distant Healing