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JOHN F. C. MIRACULOUS HEALING 2005 John was due to have his foot, possibly his leg amputated because of no circulation. His heel and leg was black, and in much pain. John previously had one toe amputated, and another two toes were gangrenous.
Linnie asked John if she could pray for him, and if he would like to give his life to Christ. “O yea, they are gonna take my leg off, me foot is sore” he replied. I started praying asking Jesus for a healing, as I was led up and down his leg then down to his toes and around his heel. Suddenly John shouted “me leg’s all hot, me pain is all gone”. He kept telling other patients in the facility that his foot and leg were hot for two days.
Within forty eight hours his pedal pulse had returned, (meaning the pulse in the foot). His foot and leg were a nice pink colour, meaning his circulation had returned. Another nurse checked his foot with the stethoscope, and was amazed she could hear Johns pulse. John returned from his operation with only one toe missing three days later. All glory to Our Lord Jesus!
John also had a large cancerous lump on his finger that was removed, again another miracle. Normally his finger would have been removed – nurses attending him could not believe how his finger granulated so quickly. (meaning healed)
John was slouched on the couch unconscious. I instructed the carer to ring the ambulance, but I had the faith to believe power of prayer! As I laid hands on Johns head I started to pray to Jesus for a healing – within minutes John stood up and said “I want my dinner”. All tests were negative, there were no signs of heart or stroke! The carer and other residents were all witnesses to Jesus healing John. FAITH &OBEDIENCE WILL BRING YOU GRACE.

2005 BRIAN. J HEALING GOLDEN STAPH Brian had sustained injury to his back, and during the surgery contacted golden staph. This is a chronic form of infection, and requires daily antibiotics. He had a lump on his back, and was in severe pain most of the time.
Brian did not believe in God, and when I asked him if I could pray to Jesus for a healing, he replied “I believe it when I see it”. I also prayed for the Holy Spirit to “fill” him, and within minutes Brian was in a flood of tears, shaking, and screaming “what is happening to me!” The Holy Spirit was present!  Pathology ran the necessary swabs for his golden staph and his results came back all clear – Jesus had been healed Brian completely, including his pain and the lump on his back!
Sadly Brian would not give his life to Christ.
Romans 5:8 “God demonstrates His own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us”
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