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I was told by the plastic surgeon in 2002 that I needed to have a black spot and pigmentation removed off my face immediately.  After the brain surgery, and the complications I was experiencing, the last thing I wanted was more surgery  and cancelled my booking.
2003 I woke with an itchy red foot, that swelled in front of me. I didn’t have any choice but to seek medical attention, as I was concerned of cellulitis, which can be fatal! My doctor gave me a penicillin injection and confirmed that is was cellulitis. Doctor was more concerned about my face rather than my foot, as he passed me the letter he had received from the plastic surgeon I had seen previously who wanted to operate. “I am concerned this is a melanoma and metastases” (cancer that spreads through the body). I certainly acted! I was admitted for the operation within three days. You can see in the above picture how much was removed from my face. All was PRE MELANOMA. All glory to Our Lord – again I was saved. God had to wake me up, and give me something else to shake me up!
Linnie's Melanoma
Linnie's melanoma
Linnie's Healing