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Secure your anointed prayer handkerchief. Acts 19:11-12 “God did extraordinary miracles through Paul, so that even handkerchiefs and aprons that had touched him were taken to the sick, and their illnesses were cured and the evil spirits left them.”
It may be your time of healing through God’s Grace.
Distance healing is amazing. Yes, I have witnessed healings overseas and in different cities of Australia. Jesus is alive and Jesus heals today.

Dec 2007 PABLO. His wife Eva rang asking for prayer for Pablo as he was being wheeled to theatre for an operation for two brain aneurysms. She said his chances were slim. As I was praying to Jesus to guard the surgeon’s knife and wellbeing for him, I saw a vision of a bleed to the brain. I said over and over again “Jesus heal him, Jesus him, Jesus save him.” Jesus Our Saviour saved Pablo. At the time of the vision he had suffered a bleed which resulted in him having a stroke. Spending time in day rehabilitation for short term memory loss Pablo is physically well, no paralysis and no speech difficulties which is common after such horrific surgery. We know Pablo’s day will come when through the Grace of Our Lord Jesus, his memory will be restored.

2008 LADY IN COMA – LIFE SUPPORT Whilst I wasn’t given this lady’s name, Keith Forbes witnessed all the following. We met Barry whilst having coffee, and he told us about a lady he knew who was in a coma and on life support after suffering a brain hemorrhage. Barry said that they would be taking her off life support as there was no hope.” Really?” I said, “Jesus heals you know, and is alive today, I will pray to Jesus for a healing, it will be by HIS Grace not me Barry.” As Keith and I were walking along in prayer, the Lord said “her eyes are now open”. Seeing Barry next day, he told me that she was out of her coma. I replied “I know, she is now also out of her bed and whilst having speech difficulties Jesus has saved her.” That afternoon Barry excitably came to see me saying she was out of her bed but had speech difficulties. Sadly Barry has not told this lady Jesus saved and healed her. We give all the praise to Jesus to yet save another life.

MAY 2008 GRACE - PARALYZED Whilst in AKAMKPA – NIGERIA, I was asked to pray for Grace who lived four hours away. Speaking to her on the mobile she told me how she was paralyzed from the waist down and in much pain. The medical profession did not have an answer for Grace. Whilst praying for healing and Grace to Jesus for her healing, she shouted “my pain is gone.” The next morning Grace rang to say that she was walking. Whilst in Nigeria in November 08 I personally met Grace, she was so grateful and walking very well. Jesus is our healer, and we give HIM all the glory not ourselves.
Distant Healing
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