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At age twenty six I was suffering chronic abdominal pain – bleeding – lethargy – loss of weight. This went on for at least a year as the medical profession did not understand what was going on. One morning I woke to find large infected sores on both of my legs. I was admitted to hospital immediately and put on a drip of antibiotics, and told I required a hysterectomy!  I knew the theatre nurse, who spoke to me in recovery, “ Linnie you were literally rotting internally, things don’t look good for you.” As I patiently waited for the results, I knew God was already using me as His servant, and my faith in Him did not waiver. My brother told me that they were making arrangements for my funeral! The medical profession were astounded as the results came back pre-cancer.
All glory to Our Lord Jesus for saving me. Matthew 25:36 “I was sick and you looked after me.”

November 2000. I was walking to the clothes line, when suddenly I heard a loud voice say MOTHER ANEURYSM  three times. Startled I looked behind me, over the fence looking for the person who had spoken. Nothing! I then called “is this you God warning me?” My mother had a massive bleed to her brain caused by a cerebral aneurysm, and was in a vegetated state for five years, in my nursing home. I acted – my business sold immediately, (which is unheard of in the aged care industry). I went to see the neurosurgeon, and in view of my family history admitted me for surgery immediately.
As I was coming to, I felt a hand on my shoulder and the words of the neurosurgeon “Linnie wake, you are a miracle look, you have lived twice to tell the story” The voice of GOD saved my life!

I was home one week, when seizures would come five to six times a day, with loss of speech up to eight to ten hours, which increased to twenty seven hours in 2004. When I was able to speak, my words were jumbled and back to front, also when writing letters, words and numbers I would miss out letters. Any sudden noise would set off a seizure. In fact I lived with ear plugs and a life of hell. Damage to the brain during surgery also caused seizure, bowel complications, hypertension, vision impairment and balance. All specialists in these areas said these were all chronic conditions, meaning it was “forever”. My life was hell, and I thought I would end up in one of my facilities, but I never lost site that God had saved my life on more than one occasion. I had the faith to believe God had a purpose for my life and my day would come, and IT DID.
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