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Why Nigeria you may be asking. Well yes there is a lot of corruption, including the 419 scam, as most of us are aware, but isn’t there corruption in the world generally. Our attitude has certainly changed since the first visit.

Faith and obedience brought me to Akamkpa, Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria. How could I doubt when the Holy Spirit told me exactly the name, directions, visions, people we would meet in detail, and all backed up by scriptures. How could I doubt when all came to pass in detail, how could I doubt! (see prophecies)

“Akamkpa is the richest, most endowed local government with more natural resources than any other government in Nigeria, and I will justify it”, says Chairman Matthew Olory. “Akamkpa is one of the largest local governments in Nigeria and the largest in Cross River State.” Akamkpa also has solid minerals, and fifteen quarries, which is used for coal tar and asphalt material. Akamkpa has the largest palm plantation in Cross River State, in Oban. Cocoa is in areas such as Mbeba, Ojok, Mfamisong. Limestone also is in Mfamosing. Qua Falls is one of the natural waterfalls in Cross River State, but is in need of attention. There are also pineapple farms and more, but sadly there are no proper roads in many of these areas, but is the richest rain forest in Cross River state, having the Cross River National Park. We have been granted land opposite this glorious Park, how blessed I am that through the Grace of Our Lord to be able to part of God’s mission in Akamkpa. We are pioneers, readers; yes I have been a pioneer previously, by creating the first private nursing home in the Northern Territory in Australia, and being granted free land. Here I go again. Awesome! It is all about OBEDIENCE, Our Lord told me AKAMKPA out of Calabar and here we are today. Why not join us in pioneering Akamkpa, a truly blessed part of God’s country. “Akamkpa will be known as a satellite town,” said the Lord. (prophecies)

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Nun, Mercy, Mike & Linnie
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Our Land at Akamkpa