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  • Abandoned street children accused of being witches. “Charles' father poured petrol over him and burnt him alive” says Dr. Fred, who looked after Charles for a period of two years in critical care.
  • Ebony, approximately five years old lives on the street. “I don’t know who my parents are.”
  • Samuel said, “My father died, and my mother sent me away. I have lived on the streets for about a year, and I don’t like it. I collect scraps from bins to eat, and any bits of metal I can sell to survive.”
  • Esther lives on the street in a village in Akamkpa. She suffers mercilessly under horrific conditions after being accused of being a witch. Our Lord named her Esther, and said to save her, which we are in the process of doing, with great difficulty. Confirmed by Dr. Fred, it would appear Esther has brain damage caused by malaria, as she is unable to speak, and stares vacantly. With correct medical care there is hope for this precious girl. Please help us to save her.

These are only a few examples of horrific suffering and abuse God’s children are experiencing. Please help us with our mission.

Samuel, sent away by his mother when his father died.
Esther, abandoned street child.
Charles, set alight by his parents.
Ebony, doesn't know her parents.
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