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All  towns / villages were given to me by the Holy Spirit prior to leaving Australia. The Holy Spirit told me that it will be a time to “investigate and be introduced to many for HIS plan and works” I have never heard of any of these places except for Johannesburg, Cape Town and Worcester. I step out completely in faith and obedience. I have been given many prophecies to deliver to people who I don’t know who and where!  Brother Keith is joining me as we need to film all areas and people we meet for God’s purpose. I will keep you updated. God Bless.

Lydenberg – baboons – deliver prophecies – directions to coffee shop

Church on the Hill – Port Shepstone -

Worcester – Cape Town

East London – Queenstown

Durban – Richmond

Harrismith – Bethlehem

Update on return to Australia

All towns and villages were there, and prophecies given to people were correct. Sure difficult at times! But I had to be obedient and have the faith that this in God’s plan. All came to pass and more in Nigeria, and it did  also in South Africa.

Being away for two months and the villages we were sent to have taken a toll on the body. I wait upon the Lord for HIS next mission. Will keep you updated. God Bless

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