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I received a Word on the 26th February 09. “Lydenburg, child I say unto you. Yes he awaits you. The little white church on the hill awaits you, another vision is on its way”, said the Lord. Within minutes I saw a beautiful white church. I had seen this church about a year ago. I was woken some weeks after this Word with the “white church on the hill”. Little did I know what my next journey was for the Lord!! I said “Father please send me a sign of confirmation”. Within five minutes I saw a bright flash. How could I doubt!? After what came to pass in Nigeria, how could I doubt?

The Holy Spirit reveals little by little to me, not all I receive at once.
“The second of April you meet (an evangelist), Lydenburg – coffee shop,” said the Lord.

I first received a Word in December 06, saying that I would be meeting an evangelist, a man of my same heritage, South African Dutch Jew. Whilst in Nigeria last year Our Lord revealed that he had four children, in business which he is winding down.

“I introduce you to many Africans, holy pure women and men of God, who will assist you my child”, said the Lord. “Your new life begins in Africa, yes South Africa, again I say unto you walk in the Spirit, you are not alone, by any means.”

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