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Beginning of March the Holy Spirit said that this evangelist was a preacher, and that I would receive another vision. Our Lord knows I need evidence and I am grateful that He gives me that Grace. I was woken with a clear vision of a man, holding a bible, standing beside a lectern. The Holy Spirit told me again 2nd April to meet the evangelist – swinging baboon. “Father this is a bit far out.” This came to pass. A few nights later I was woken with a vision of two people one tall and another shorter with a blue top. “Lydenburg 11am 2nd and 3rd of April, be there on both days, do not be late. You both have time to peruse all coffee shops. Last coffee shop on the right in the main street of town – mall, he is in town,” said the Lord. I received many more visions up until we left. Whew! “Lord what is going on!” All has come to pass read on!

“Book your tickets now, 28th March to 23rd May”. I obeyed as a servant of God. There were only two seats available on that day. During the time to lead up of departure, the Holy Spirit gave me in prayer dates and names of places that I was to go. My main work for Our Lord is leprosy, TB and HIV in Africa and South Africa. The Lord revealed the plague of TB in South Africa, heightens. I never knew that TB was so apparent in Africa let alone South Africa, I thought it had been eradicated years ago.  I googled and was amazed at the high percentage.

I was woken with the Word to turn on Christian TV. Marcus Lamb was saying, “Don't give up when God calls you.” I burst into tears! “Lord, this is huge to deliver this Word to your people, please give me strength.” Readers the Holy Spirit filled me, letting me know that the Holy Spirit was with me, and that nothing is impossible when it is of God

The prophecy I now give is not meant to startle readers, but to make awareness! Please all readers in God’s universe go see your Doctor and have the necessary injection. PLEASE!
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