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Remember the Word on baboons? Each place Our Lord told me to go where something really significant would happen, we would see either baboons or such. I’m now going to share something very personal to my heart. My father was born in Australia and his father was born in South Africa. My father said we were from South African Jewish stock, that is all. Our Lord told me to research Villiers Harris, and place an ad in the main papers of South Africa. Through Our mighty Saviour I had a response from Shirley Harris from Johannesburg, who is related to me. Dad had told me that Villiers senior was from Worcester, well he sure was! Our Lord told me that he was involved with the Dutch Reformed Church in Worcester, and showed me a vision of the church he would sometimes preach at. As Keith and I were driving to Worcester, we suddenly saw many baboons on the side of the road. And yes, I saw the exact church the Lord showed me in a vision previously. It was revealed in Villiers snr’s will was that he was giving money to this same church. We found that the Jewish side was on my grandmother’s side, and Villiers snr’s father married a De Villiers, who was French. Prior to me finding my family heritage the Lord said to me “Now Linnie it is crystal clear, you will be astounded by your heritage. Go in My Name, Ephesians 6.” I was filled with so much emotion and astounded to what the Lord brought in front of me.  This moment I cherish.
Sth Africa Journal of Prophecies -20
Prophecy 21
SA Prophecy 19
Grave of Villiers Harris and wife at Worcester cemetry
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