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Operation scheduled 10th July 09
June 09. Mr Chee Wee Cham, urologist, has told me the surgery is dangerous and requires another surgeon to assist. He has also prepared me for a colostomy. The Lord told me prior to leaving Australia to call the intercessors, and it would be “horrific”, but HE was bringing another testimony of healing.They will be amazed when they operate, another miracle I bringeth to you, child” said the Lord. Readers, I have all the faith to believe that Jesus Christ will bring HIS miracle, because HE is our healer and Jesus is alive today.
Yes, as told by Our Lord, it was horrific, with multiple complications. But no Colostomy and no Cancer - Praise God.

We left for our next mission 8 weeks later with me in a wheel chair! Just returned after 2.5 months Lebanon-Egypt-Jordan-Israel God TV Tour. Amazing journey to share with you very soon. All glory to our Lord.
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Linnie's abdominal growth