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16th May. “See the sights of the town and I will lead you over the east side 10ks out, then return and rest says the Lord.” We were driving to Richmond without a map. Getting excited expecting good coffee and food! we should realize that Our Lord’s work for Him is in the areas of poverty, sickness and homelessness, which we do enjoy as we have both been blessed and have received God’s Grace on more than one occasion. It was a squalid town typical of small town South Africa.

I arrived back in Australia on the 23rd May, sick and worn out after two months in South Africa. An experience I will never forget and an experience I will cherish as I have been chosen to do the works of Our Lord. Every place the Lord told me to go and every person we met was significant for HIS plan. The message I bring is only from my own personal walk. 90% of prophecies have come to pass, how can I doubt when through God’s Grace he audibly warned me of a brain aneurysm and healed me. How can I doubt when all directions to find people suffering leprosy in Nigeria were there, how can I doubt – I don’t. Be obedient, have the faith and I can assure you will receive HIS Grace. Speak to you soon God Bless.
Sth Africa Journal of Prophecies -34
SA Prophecy 35
SA Prophecy 33
Richmond. Not our photo.
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