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I am certainly on a new learning curve with the Holy Spirit on this journey in South Africa. The Holy Spirit has given me many Words. He never reveals all to me at once, it is almost a jig saw puzzle, but little by little the pieces are fitting together. I would like to share with you the lessons the Holy Spirit is teaching me more and more each day, which I believe will help others in their walk. Firstly never presume to presume.

Remember evangelist, swinging baboon in Lydenburg. Lord revealed a lady who was in grief, and the evangelist was nurturing her. He had four children, a son who had back slidden, South African Dutch Jew, winding down business, evangelist, widower loved motor bikes. The Lord told me to walk in the Spirit and Keith and I set off to look for a sign of baboons. Suddenly Keith shouted “look there is a sign with orangatangs” in front of a shop window. I approached a young couple and asked “does a white lady own this shop, has there been a death, she is grieving?” The Holy Spirit filled us all as the young man said  “yes my father died one year ago, and yes she is going through a very difficult period at the moment”. I could see wooden baboons in her office, she had a passion for them! I approached her and she was amazed at the prophecy I delivered, all in detail was correct, including the passion of motor bikes and the winding down of their businesses, they had just sold one shop. I said the Lord has called you to join us in Ministry. Within minutes, a man arrived (her business partner). We made eye contact, as I delivered the prophecy regarding personal details. “yes, yes, yes” he said, except he was a divorcee not a widower, that came later!! He said he had been an evangelist pastor. I said “well I have been sent here from Australia to bring this message. Your calling is to join us in Ministry and you will be one of the evangelists”. The Lord many times put me on the hot seat!
The Lord revealed my purpose was also to deliver to him, that he had backslidden and it was my job to bring him back, he became very angry and said he has a business to run, and that he did not believe me. I replied “how did I know so much about you, and why did I come all the way from Australia to Lydenburg?” He got more angry, and I left saying that I had delivered my message, God Bless and left.
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