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27/4 “Prophecies is what will open all my doors to enhance MY works in you both, HIV TB, leprosy. The whirlwind is coming, be prepared. Save God’s Children. Miracle Centre is a must child in MY Name. Psalm 127 says the Lord” This scripture is telling us to do it all God’s way, and if we don’t it will crumble and fail. When walking in the Spirit, it is imperative that one stays on track, and not for one second to revert back to the flesh. Each time I do, Our Lord reminds me of the beautiful vision of a golden road whilst in Lagos last November. HE says, “you are off track”.  The Lord took us to the most dangerous areas in South Africa, it was only when we returning home, the penny dropped. On our last night before leaving Johannesburg, we happened to watch a documentary on violence in Cape Town. As we watched, the protective hand of God was felt. The sudden realisation of the potential danger we had been in struck home. We had become complacent about violence because we didn’t really witness any. We had no fear at all. We even forgot just how much the Lord was protecting us. Once this was felt, reality struck. Linnie had tried three times to get us to enter with her into a huge shanty town out of Cape Town. But each time, the feeling that it wasn’t safe to do so returned so strongly that it could not be ignored. Later the documentary called this place “the most dangerous place on the face of the earth”!

Readers it is not easy doing the work Our Lord has chosen us for, and I have been and still get persecuted, criticized and more, BUT I wouldn’t change one day. Jesus miraculously healed and audibly spoke to me. See aneurysm.
Sth Africa Journal of Prophecies -25
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SA Prophecy 24
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