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Jamie later spoke to Marcel, who was too busy to see us as he was in Durban at a men’s conference, (interestingly that was our main base at that time). I reflected that in Nigeria the Lord had said "Bo Sander". We meet twice! Head man of God TV Israel. I also met Tim Smith, developer for God TV, who spoke of Joint Partnership with us in Akampa (see Prophecies Nigeria).
“The time has come to reveal more to you obedient child. The sky is much wider, the horizons wilder outstretched to the seas. Zulu people claim you as a prophet from God” says the Lord.
That was confirmed by Mpaza! I am only a servant.

24th April Titus 2:6-10 teaches you much on how the forefathers must be broken, to be with their Abba Father, Jesus their Saviour. We must teach more on this subject” says the Lord. I now know why I have received this scripture 14 times within a 10 month period. We have to teach at crusades on “how to be self controlled”, stopping the transmission of HIV, which in most cases leads to TB. See front page video on the vision and word I received in Australia about South Africa. Many of the forefather’s teachings are from the Old Testament and correct. But one example we need to bring the message about is that having sex with a virgin will not cure HIV.

 Readers this all seems to be a “little far fetched”even to me, but how can I doubt the Word of God? I have had too much that has come to pass, and I also have human witnesses to all. The way the Lord showed me a vision in Australia of pastor holding a bible, to telling me I would meet an evangelist, pastor, lecturer, law, scholar. The way I was led to the Dream Centre and told to “really” walk in the Spirit and follow Him to meet Mpaza, who is all the above. The Word of God regarding pastors preaching about Shembe is not meant to be an insult, quite the opposite.
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