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22nd April. We arrive at Cape Town.

23rd April. As instructed by the Lord previously and on the 22nd April “Wild donkeys will not hold back Gods ministry, go forth children. Now tomorrow arrive on the doorstep at God TV. 10.30am says the Lord. Hasten slowly child all comes to pass. I Holy Spirit give the power and the authority to deliver MY message MY way says the Lord”. We were obedient and literally “landed” on their doorstep, as God TV did not respond to our emails. The Lord told me to do what I had done in Darwin Australia in the ‘80s, when I arrived on the door step of the Minister of Health Ian Tucksworth and announced I wanted to build a private nursing home, which I achieved in 1982. I prayed, “Lord I am in your hands”, as we entered.

“Hi we represent Miracle Ministries and my name is Linnie Harris from Australia.” I then gave Jamie, Marcel Olivier’s  PR, the Word given to me in Australia. Jamie made us very welcome, but we couldn’t see Marcel Olivier. The Lord was putting us on the “hot seat”. Yet another test, like in Nigeria, but we had to continue to be obedient to Our King and Our Saviour Jesus Christ. I know the day will come when we will meet Rory and Wendy Alec, I have seen many visions of them.  Jamie said she felt the Holy Spirit as we spoke, and said she would speak to Marcel. The way the Lord had opened the door with Geoff from Install-Life, to the Lord giving me a Word that Wayne (God TV’s Australian representative) had emailed God TV in South Africa, and Geoff confirming the email had been sent, we were amazed. But how could I really doubt the Word of God?
Sth Africa Journal of Prophecies -23
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Cape Town
Cape Town
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