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Whilst in Worcester for the second time, we caught up with Greta again to help me find my family. For some reason I said that the Lord had given me a Word while in Nigeria last year about a man who had a serious brain injury. Surprised, Greta announced that her sister-in-law’s friend, a doctor, was going to the operating theatre at the time of me speaking, with a serious brain problem. I asked “is it an aneurysm?” She answered that they were concerned about bleeding. Readers if you go back to “healing testimonies” and read on “distant healing” you will see twice Jesus saved two people from brain aneurysms and audibly warned me of mine, see also my testimony and picture. Jesus is Our Saviour and healer, and HE is alive today.

I immediately started praying for Dr. Johan. The Holy Spirit filled me and I could hardly stand up. Greta rang her sister-in-law and was told that he would be going a little later to surgery. Driving back from Worcester at 2.45pm the Lord said, “A miracle I bring in front of you, that I God is not only your Saviour, but also your healer in more than one way. Yes a miracle of healing I bring to Johan, critical as a bleed comes says the Lord.” As I called to Jesus to guard the surgeon’s knife and to heal him, I saw a vision of two surgeons, one of which wanted to cut deeper and the other surgeon not agreeing. I then saw the surgeon put down the scalpel. The Lord then said “Had the second surgeon gone closer a massive bleed. This is the Word of God, never doubt MY Word said the Lord.” We returned to Worcester in the evening as Greta asked if I would bring a Word to the ladies from the Dutch Reformed church, (remember grandfather Villiers, who attended the church many years prior). She told me that there had been a bleed but the surgeons had managed to stop it. The power of prayer is amazing. You have to have the faith.
Sth Africa Journal of Prophecies -30
Prophecy 31
SA Prophecy 29
Dutch Reformed Church, Worcester.
Linnie and Greta
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