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As we were leaving Somerset West, I heard this message, “Go into the hills and you will see much suffering says the Lord.” As I looked behind me I could see many hills without any sign of buildings. A little confused at this Word when we had seen such a beautiful town with seas rolling and no sign of poverty, I asked the hotel manager. “Yes, that would be Sir Lowry’s Pass, there is a village where there is much sickness” he replied. Next morning we set off in search of the village the Lord had told me about. As we arrived we saw the community centre in the village and many people waiting to be attended. As we passed a building, I felt in my Spirit to go in. Two savage dogs were tied in such a way that one couldn’t enter. We were made welcome, and told it was a day centre for children suffering HIV. Joyce had started the centre some three years previously after her daughter had died of HIV. Fresh blood was observed on the steps. One mother had refused treatment for her sick child. All in detail told to me from the Lord was exactly what is happening with HIV TB not only in adults but children. This confirmed even more the desperate need for hospitals for children suffering these diseases. Readers please help us save this generation.

“Sir Lowry’s Pass is one of the worst hit areas in South Africa for HIV TB and 1000s of babies have contracted these diseases from irresponsibility by their mothers. They say they believe in me, but why do they bring so much sickness to each other. Many have been tested and many don’t want to know says the Lord.”

This Word has been confirmed to us from Lydenburg to Cape Town in villages of South Africa. This is one of the reasons Our Saviour wants us to do crusades.
Sth Africa Journal of Prophecies -29
Prophecy 30
Sir Lowry's Pass
Strand, near Somerset West
SA Prophecy 28
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