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Stellenbosch would be one of our most favourite places in South Africa, especially when one has seen the suffering of 1000s in shanty towns.

While in Stellenbosch I heard the Word. ”Hidden between the trees and the ocean are many 1000s suffering HIV, TB and many other sicknesses.” Little did I know that Stellenbosch was in the centre OF THESE TWO TOWNS: Paarl a tree-lined, leafy rural city and Somerset West, which is near the ocean. “There are 1000s of children dying in these areas, literally 1000s of men and women suffering that are not aware of why they are dying. Contagious, 1000s of families contaminate each other says the Lord”

On the way to Worcester, via Paarl, we stopped at the lights and felt the urge to turn right. The Spirit touched us both as we realized we were heading towards a hospital. We had to stop. I asked if they had any TB patients and Nurse Christine replied that they only had TB patients and children also. As we walked through the hospital, death was apparent. They are registered for 16 children who suffer a combination of HIV and TB. South Africa is desperate for children’s facilities. This has made me more determined to help these innocent children. Will you help us, please?

Sth Africa Journal of Prophecies -28
Prophecy 29
SA Prophecy 27
Paarl Hospital
Stellenbosch in Winter
University at Stellenbosch
Strand, near Somerset West
Paarl Hospital
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