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Eighteen months ago, I had a vision of a white church on a hill, little did I know what that meant or where it was until I received in February 09.

I was woken with the audible voice of the Holy Spirit, “White Church on the Hill – search” At the same time I saw the pretty little church.

Remember readers our work for Our Lord is with leprosy, HIV, and TB.

I had been given a Word that there was a plague of TB coming throughout the universe, and South Africa was one of the highest. It has been confirmed that TB and HIV/aids is a very serious problem in South Africa. I didn’t know anything about these conditions, let alone where to research.

I searched “white church on the hill”, and the first church that came up was the Norwegian Settlers Church in Port Shepstone, South Africa. There wasn’t any contact number for the Church, but a blog written by Dr. Mike Nash. Mike kindly responded and made all arrangements for us to meet with Pastor Trevor Downham on our arrival at Port Shepstone. Ps. Trevor had a vision to help people suffering HIV/aids & TB. With a devoted team they built the Genesis Hospice. Dr. Mike and his wife Robyn came from Washington USA to devote their life for the suffering, approximately three years ago.

Norwegian Settlers Church
Sth Africa Journal of Prophecies -10
SA Prophecy 11
SA Prophecy 9
Norwegian Settlers Church
Inside the white church
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