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Please we need help to build facilities for these people. People are dying at 2000 per day, yes because the diagnosis period is taking too long, and people have to wait a long time to get medication. read article

7/4 The Holy Spirit said “Titus 2: 6 Similarly, encourage the young men to be self- controlled” I had been given this scripture many, many times over the past year! I now know why. The Holy Spirit continued.
  1. Teach self control
  2. Pure of me
  3. Wondering why life so difficult
  4. Sin – sex
  5. Babies no fathers
  6. Offence to the Word
  7. Offence to God

“Teach the young, innocent, bring the men” says the Lord.
The Lord revealed to me that He wanted me to hold crusades, called “medical crusades”

Evangelists to preach the Word of God, save souls, me bringing healing testimonies, prophecies re warning of HIV and TB. To educate re the side effects of medication, and how important it is to continue and not stop mid way. The Lord said He will bring the medical team! Little did I know what was really in store for me in Pine Town.

We left Lydenburg 0n the 8th April and was lead by the Holy Spirit.

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