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I read an article given to me about the Dream Centre, and to my amazement Peggy Nkonyeni was the MEC In KZN state. I didn’t have a clue where to find her, but the Lord did and used others to lead me further for His plan. I was given Peggy’s mobile number. I sms her and gave a Word, to which she replied immediately. “If you can drive to Manguzi we can meet, Umkhanyakude district more than 600km.”

The Word the Lord had given me to deliver was personal. “Yes my child she feels my Spirit in a mighty way, she has been unjustly accused, give her strength says the Lord” I didn’t know at that stage that there was huge court case pending. I was prepared to charter a plane, but no one would assist me with how and where! Lord please help me, within a short time I had a sms from Peggy  “Can you meet me at Durban airport tomorrow morning at 7.30am?” Peggy Nkonyeni, politician in charge of health in KwaZulu-Natal district drove 600kms to receive a prophecy from God. Now that is faith readers. Peggy knows the Lord “will never leave her nor forsake her,” as she said. I have had permission from Peggy to give the prophecy and show a picture of us as Durban airport. The Lord had told me that she would get a “Reprieve, Reprieve, she has been unjustly accused said the Lord”. I delivered this message to her. As at the 16th June reading in the newspaper, the case will be August. Many would be saying, I am telling the world she is innocent. Yes, because I believe she is. Our Lord does not lie, satan does but not Our Father. I asked Peggy about the Dream Centre, and she led me to Dr. Sandile Buthelezi, General Manager Strategic Health Programmes, meaning he is the “chief” who gives approvals for funding (he has also given me permission to use his name and photo) I explained and gave all the Lord had told me, and what I believe through God. Remember readers, my past was building and managing facilities for the sick and infirm, prior to me stepping out in faith. He
agreed with most of my proposal, but the
crunch was when I asked
who owns the building
how and why. Again in
the Lord’s plan.

Charges withdrawn
Aug 19th. 2009.
Sth Africa Journal of Prophecies -15
Prophecy 16
SA Prophecy 14
Peggy Nkonyeni
Peggy Nkonyeni and Linnie
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