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plan. “You need to see Neil Mc Donald, he was the Manager – Public Relations of the Dream Centre” he told me. The Spirit was on us both! Neil came almost immediately and as we shook hands and greeted each other the anointing on us both was indescribable. Neil reported to the Health authorities what he believed to be corruption within the Dream Centre. I’m not here to judge anyone, it is in the Lords hands, not mine. But what I find amazing is prior to meeting with Neil, I went back to the Dream Centre, and Neville De Witt introduced himself as the owner manager of the centre! Everyone said that he had left the country! Neil Mc Donald, will be working together with us to bring facilities for people suffering Leprosy, HIV and/or TB. The Lord had his plan to meet Neil, who is the expert on marketing, running facilities, and where to find many abandoned people, as well as contacts in Health.
Sth Africa Journal of Prophecies -16
Prophecy 17
SA Prophecy 15
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Neil and Linnie
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