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The Lord told me to really walk in the Spirit. The anointing was powerful as I literally followed each step, making no decisions of my own. The Holy Spirit lead me to a park next to the Dream Centre. White painted rocks placed in a circle, and women all in dresses with unusual hats on, and men with jungle things around their necks, all in white, singing. Men were on one side and women on the other. I stopped, wondering who and what these people’s purpose was. Some women quickly tried to wrap a towel around me and put a “funny” hat on my head. (Ladies have to wear dresses). The Pastor preaching made eye contact with me, and asked “What are you doing here?” I replied “who are you?” “We are the Shembe Nazareth Baptist Church.” I told them all that I was from Australia, and the Holy Spirit led me to them. Remember I had received a clear vision in Australia (page 3) of a man holding a bible, standing beside a lectern. Our Lord told me that I would meet an evangelist, pastor, lecturer, law. For some reason I felt in my Spirit to tell him. “My name is Mpaza. I am an evangelist, pastor, lawyer and now a magistrate. I am a Zulu, and this green cloak signifies that I am an evangelist.” I then asked “do you stand at the side of the lectern, not behind?” He replied yes, that is me.”  The both of us just made eye contact that we held for some minutes. One of Mpaza’s helpers spent some time with me, chatting about the Trinity. I said “what is Shembe?” he replied “ask Jesus.” I asked again, and the word came out of my mouth “REVELATIONIST” – it was the Holy Spirit. Mpaza’s helper screamed “yes he was a prophet/revelationist.” Keith was a witness to this incredible experience of the Holy Spirit. Well this has opened the doors with the Zulus and Miracle Ministries. Some of the white people here in South Africa, said they worship Shembe above our Lord Jesus Christ. I told Mpaza, who said “no no that is not correct, Our Lord Jesus is Our Saviour”.
Sth Africa Journal of Prophecies -17
Prophecy 18
SA Prophecy 16
Isaiah Shembe
Isaiah Shembe washes followers feet
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