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I asked Dr. Mike if he knew of any suitable accommodation we could stay at, and he suggested the La Providence guest house in Oslo Beach, minutes from Port Shepstone, owned by Rob Benfield. The Holy Spirit had given me a Word  some months previously, about a medical  doctor who was a widower, four children and winding down, who would be help us with our works for Our Lord. I knew nothing about this gentleman, nothing. Readers, Rob is born again, spirit filled, widower and has four children, and has wound down his medical practice! Delivering a Word like this is not exactly easy. “It has to be tested” said Rob and quite rightly so. Rob's kindness and cooking skills are exquisite. La Providence looks completely over the sea, and to be woken by roaring waves, and watching the monkeys swinging from tree to tree is awesome. Don’t miss this one!

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Sth Africa Journal of Prophecies -11
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La Providence Guesthouse
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