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As we pulled up outside the white church on the hill, the emotion filled me, tears fell uncontrollably. This was it, exactly what was in the vision in detail. The views are unsurpassable. 

I delivered a prophecy to Ps. Trevor, and all the Lord revealed about him is certainly correct. He and the leaders of the Church made us very welcome and off I went sharing all the Lord revealed, from visions, God TV and our works for HIV/aids TB. The Lord said their centre would be a role model for future projects that I had to do for the abandoned and the sick. I can see why. I have built many facilities for the sick and infirm, and their standards are equal to Australian standards.

All has come to pass in detail of all prophecies given to me!

The Holy Spirit revealed more and more of His plans!

Two days after my miraculous healing at a Ministry conference in 2006, I met Ps. Matthew Barnet from the States. He had started a mighty project called the Dream Centre, specifically for drug and alcohol rehabilitation. I felt in my spirit the passion for people suffering, and had a vision of a high rise red building. Little did I know what was in store for me in South Africa.


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