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Robyn spoke to me about The Dream Centre in Pine Town, Durban 126ks from Port Shepstone. It is a seven story building that caters for HIV/aids TB people. She gave me an article that revealed corruption within the facility, and the department of Health had cancelled their arrangements for funding. It has also been revealed that the owners have fled the country. I was so busy that I did not read the long article in detail, until after the Holy Spirit revealed the following.

10th April 09. “Dream Centre is where I want you to be child, yes a centre already approved. I bring you all” said the Lord. “Many patients have been abandoned, no medication, no food, no water. Find Peggy – find her quickly, she will alert you to all. The poor are poor less. A super manifestation I bringeth to you, child to achieve all. Do not fear”.

As I then read the article, I found Peggy Nkonyeni KZN Health MEC was officially involved with the opening in 2001.

Deuteronomy 26:17

In obedience Keith and I drove to Pine Town, little did I know what the Lord was going to reveal.

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