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While searching for my relatives, we found that my great, great, great grandmother was a De Villiers. The point I am making is that Dr. Johan’s wife was also a De Villiers. The Lord had told me to go to Pretoria and pray for Dr. Jonah, and meet with his wife. This is where I let the Lord down with disobedience. I had a chest infection and vomiting for about three weeks. Despite absolute determination to finish God’s work, I was so ill that we didn’t get to Pretoria hospital to pray for Dr. Johan. I certainly was tested to the max, and kept praying for forgiveness

11th May. Previously in Durban I had to give a messenger to a pastor, and found out later he had not done what the Lord wanted.”Many have been called to do my works, as you will learn. But do they do my will no, only their own. Get the book on Shembe, (see previously) leave Durban 18th May head for Joberg, check Harrismith said the Lord.” Ps. Mpaza kindly loaned me one of the books on Shembe, and I found that Shembe lived in Harrismith. It was like the Lord was taking me to areas Shembe had been called to. Ps. Mpaza believes Our Lord uses me as a prophet, sadly many don’t, and sadly have to find out the hard way. I am only His servant, nothing more.

Still in Stellenbosch, we booked airline tickets back to Durban, as the Lord told me. Finances were getting very tight, so I tried to change the date, as it would have been cheaper than on the 18th May. Readers never try this, it doesn’t work. The Lord put a block on my credit card, yes it wouldn’t go through. “Child, oh child, when will you ever learn that money is not the issue and trust in me more. The mighty wheel turns 180 degrees in this area says the Lord”

13th May 3pm. Flew from Cape Town to East London. Our Lord had told me prior to leaving Australia that the “team” would meet at East London and later Queenstown. He also told me about roses in bloom in Queenstown. We didn’t have a clue where Queenstown was! But, being obedient servants, we got a map and set off driving, not knowing where or why at this stage, just hoping to get there before dark. “You stay at the bed and breakfast I choose, not you, as it is for my purpose said the Lord”.
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