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Readers this is a HARD lesson I had to learn as a servant of Christ. Satan had a party with me! I now know why the Lord had given me the scripture on Jude on more than one occasion. The directions I believe I heard to find the B&B were totally wrong! We drove around for hours. I said “come on, let’s stay at this nice hotel.” As we drove in we saw beautiful beds of ROSES! However, the Hotel was full and the lass on reception recommended another B&B. Following the map on the brochure proved futile, but we persisted until we found it. When we looked at the exterior, I said Oh no, as I saw a nicer exterior on another B&B on the other side of the road, but the recommended one was no 7, God’s number. I was being disobedient again! I was irritable, hard to get along with, and yes heard incorrectly. As the Lord told me previously “Stay on track child.”

My health was poor, and I was hoping the Lord would tell me to go back to Australia, but He didn’t so I had to keep going. One of the most difficult times of my life. Nigeria solo was easy to compared to this. I asked the receptionist at the B&B if there was a doctor she could recommend, her reply was Dr. S Jwaqa, who happens to own the place!
Sth Africa Journal of Prophecies -32
Prophecy 33
SA Prophecy 31
Hotel rose beds
Typical mini-mart
Linnie and Dr Jwaqa
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