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14th May. “Every second adult is infected with HIV and every third with TB, 100s of innocent children are suffering – parents punish their children not aware that they are too infected with HIV. Following TB, MDR, XDR is coming child, not here yet but the time you get up and going. (raise money to build hospital). Build a separate wing of 50 beds. There are only a few beds across the board in all areas. Support will be much more that you realize, go in My Name. Many in South Africa support you financially, despite what others say child said the Lord.” I am hanging on to this Word as we have had much negativity in South Africa and sadly our own country.

 Can you believe this readers? See the front page and hear confirmation of Our Lords message, re ratio on HIV and TB in Queenstown, amazing. Dr S. Jwaqa treats many patients with these diseases, and the concern they have, especially with XDR, is they have no facility for these people. Dr S. Jwaqa said that in the area, 40% to 50% of people suffer HIV TB. “XDR is not here yet, but it is coming, we will support you.”

16th May. Previously the Lord said “Richmond.” Whew. Where is that? I asked myself, as I searched Google. It is near Durban, and that is where we had rented the apartment, all in God’s plan. We set off for Richmond not knowing where and how to get there. Readers the freeways are fabulous in South Africa, but finding the way is not easy on either of us. Everything seemed against us! The apartment we were staying in was filthy, we couldn’t shower due to breakdown and the toilet wouldn’t flush due to blockage, and to top it off it was opposite the sewerage plant! Can you imagine the smell? Oh, and the rock man starts at 7am on the wharf front! Oh, the test was a difficult one. To top it off again, I was getting sicker and sicker. It was a test of patience for me, but I survived through the Grace of Our Lord.
Sth Africa Journal of Prophecies -33
Nice view. See the rock pile?
But what about the sewerage plant?!
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