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30th April “There are many 100,000 of people who are not receiving medical care, mainly the ones who have no identification. Yes your main work is to bring notice to Christian TV and raise money enabling this for medication and care. The system is not working.  These people are too frightened to seek help because of reprisal as local people do not want to claim responsibility says the Lord” Within days of the Lord’s Word, we received an email saying the Red Cross have only just discovered the above.

“They are heading  for a national wipe out of TB says the Lord” (see this website). Readers again refer back to the front page on TB. God is telling us all to wake up and shake up, and to be responsible. God is not bringing these diseases to us, we are bringing them on ourselves, which in turn through many are transferring diseases to innocent victims. Will you help us bring the Word of God to your city and open doors? Everything Our Lord has told me has come to pass, even TB in Australia, yes it is here also and increasing in the Northern part of Australia.

4th May “Please tell him (Mpaza) I use him to bring the chiefs and Kings to my Holy land. He will know the place. My son, my faithful one, go forth in my name. Your time is coming to serve only me to save the lost souls of the forefathers. The plague (HIV/TB) must resolve to righteous living. You are MY chosen one, my son who obeys. You are to walk together with my servant and prophet Linnie to create buildings of health for the sick and infirm in Kwazulu-Natal says the Lord” I delivered this message to Ps. Mpaza, a mighty man of God.

Sth Africa Journal of Prophecies -26
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TB Child. Click for ABC report.
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