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Readers understand both these people were called to do the will of God, but they are putting money before God. Matthew 6:24 “You cannot serve both God and money”

The Holy Spirit told me about an eight year old girl who was going blind. I had been given directions to find a coffee shop, “go down the main street,  last coffee shop, right side mall, there are chairs outside covered by a tin roof, Antoinette”. I walked into the coffee shop, I said “the Lord has sent me, He gave me Antoinette”, in shock she said that is her name!! As we pulled up, on day of leaving, I knew I had to go into another coffee shop, I  gave them the prophecy regarding Lydenburg, and the little girl. The Spirit filled us all powerfully, and they said “yes, yes, we know her”. Within minutes, I was praying to Our Saviour for a complete healing. This child has macular degeneration, which causes blindness. It is now in Our Lords hands, I am only the messenger.

The Holy Spirit told me only to stay at De Ark B & B, I now know why. Francis the owner is a Spirit filled lady, born again and helped us in a mighty way. If you are touring, only stay there, it is gorgeous!

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