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Lord told me prior to leaving Australia “Anglican church, contact him, there is a new vicar, an African”. I approached the church and yes in detail what the Lord had revealed new vicar of less than a year, sadly he was in Cape Town, but spoke to him on the phone.

The Holy Spirit told me to find people who are suffering in the wilderness, in fact that is one of my main missions to reveal suffering so we will be able to help their sickness and poverty.

As we approached the village of Skhila, the fear, emotion and sadness as many men were drinking alcohol, smoking and some looked quite aggressive. I said “its ok Keith we are safe with Jesus, he has us on a mission”. Sewerage running down the rocky tracks, toilets were blocks of four, only a couple work, which are locked, the others are all broken by human hands. We have an interview with two sisters, who have children by different fathers, but now are getting to know Our Lord. These girls live in a “shanty” no toilet, no water, rocky dirt floor, but I must say very clean. They have to use the grass to go to the toilet, and snakes come into their shack which is made out of tin and plastic. When it rains they are flooded out.

I asked if there is cholera here and all said yes including HIV aids and TB. These people are living in hell, and would appear not to be getting much help! A man approached me smelling of alcohol, and said he was sick, I prayed to Jesus for help for him. I said “do you believe in God?” “Yes”, “but do you believe in Jesus?” He look angry and left. I believe we will be returning to help all these people, who deserve a better life. Will you please help us Save God’s Children. There is more to our journey in Lydenburg which you will read in our book that I am working on at the moment.
Sth Africa Journal of Prophecies -7
SA Prophecy 8
SA Prophecy 6
Shanty in Skhila
Toilets in Skhila
Linnie in Skhila
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