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17th April The Lord spoke clearly “Save God’s children Miracle Centre, register the name in Durban”. Readers, in 1995 whilst attending church in Australia, I heard the Holy Spirit say, “’Miracle House’ for the sick, and people who the medical profession have walked away from.” 31st December 06 I felt I wanted to attend a praise and worship service. Rarely do I let people I do not know pray for me, but I felt in my Spirit it was ok. The pastor’s words were, or I should say the Holy Spirit’s words were, exactly what was told to me in ‘95 and the exact description of the environment. Little did I know it was to be in Nigeria, South Africa and Australia! See prophecies on both.

17/4 “The largest Miracle you will ever see is now in front of you, bigger than all you have seen. Joshua 7 will explain mighty miracles of I says the Lord. You must walk all my way, even when things go to plan, you both must question and asketh of me says the Lord at all times. Initial registration of 250 funded with an increase to 3000 with five years. You will be introducing new policies and procedures prior to your predecessors. Much changing and cleansing will apply says the Lord. Daniel 4:14-16 Yes the leprosy hospital will be renowned, mandatory. says the Lord”

Unaware of this word, Neil unwittingly confirmed it by saying 250 beds were needed immediately, with an increase to 3000. He said this while we were travelling by car to Nyoni.
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