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I heard clearly from the Lord, ”In Worcester Christian church, this is where revival commenced, it continues, revival here we come. Child this is your beginning, where your family left off. Villiers was known as an evangelist, bringing My Word to many. He was pure of me.”
I had no idea that is where revival started. I have researched and found.

We met Greta  from Worcester who asked me to speak to the ladies' group from the Dutch Reformed Church, and I did. Amazing experience, all the Lord has told me is happening. She also knows a doctor and a lady who are involved in TB, MDR and XDR at Worcester. Grieta lives opposite the large TB hospital in Worcester. BREWELSKLOOF HOSPITAL. See the jigsaw puzzle coming together?

17th April. Readers please refresh on the Word of God and replay on the front page TB to really understand HIS plan for us. Prior to leaving Australia the Lord said that HIS mission was for us to meet people. HE gave me each town, and said we would meet medical doctors in each, and we did.
Sth Africa Journal of Prophecies -21
Prophecy 22
SA Prophecy 20
Greta and Linnie
Dutch Reformed Church, Worcester.
I Baboon!
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