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In November 1999, I heard the audible voice of Our Lord warning me of a brain aneurysm, I live to share my testimony. Suffering brain damage after the operation I lived a life of hell!  After four years Our Lord gave me a prophetic Word to deliver to a pastor. Being obedient I gave God’s message and twenty four hours later I heard God say “time.” It was my time of healing, through my faith and obedience. I was totally healed through the Grace of Our Lord Jesus on the 9th May 2006.

I was woken on the night of the 12th May 2006 with the audible voice of Our Lord saying “Miracle Ministries.” I replied “I am a business woman, not a preacher Lord.” When the Holy Spirit lives within you, you have no say in the matter, I was led to the Consumer Affairs, and registered the Word of God – Miracle Ministries.

After opening an email from Nigeria in March 2008 inviting me to preach, the Holy Spirit powerfully anointed me with the words, “you who doubt, I bring you a vision tonight.” I received many visions from pure white crosses to a Dove and more. I obeyed and went solo 3rd May 2008.

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