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God Warns of Tuberculosis 3
TB 4
TB 2
The Lord has certainly put me on the “hot seat” once again! While I'm going through the "how, where and why me", I never doubt any prophecies the Lord gives me. Outrageous to many, but it is in HIS plan for me to bring crusades on why people are contracting HIV/Aids and TB.

The following article UGANDA: Campaigns tackle “the complexity of sexuality” shows 40% of married couples or long-term relationships create new infections.

HIV/Aids was initiated by SIN, which in many 1000s of cases cause TB. 1000s of innocent adults and children have been and are exposed to TB.

Through the Lord’s message, HE wants me to commence HIS crusades with the indigenous Australians. I have been told Katherine which is in the Northern Territory!

We need help please, financially and hands on people who will devote a little of their time. Please email us on linnie.h@bigpond.com for more information.

God Bless