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God Warns of Tuberculosis - 1
TB 2
The Lord had woken me to see a vision of a murky, clouded, dirty area. His words were to call the chiefs, and that diseases were increasing within nations, caused by sin. HIV and TB will wipe out South Africa. I was shown KwaZulu-Natal & Mpumalanga. The Lord also said that TB was coming into Australia and increasing in European countries. Until then I had researched TB only in South Africa, and were astounded at the high percentages. Little did we know what lay ahead!

Readers how why could I possibly do this mission for Our Lord, when I knew nothing about HIV or TB. I had just returned from Nigeria in December 08 for the second time in one year. Affordability, the commitment to do God’s works in Nigeria, knowing I had to have surgery due to a large mass in my abdomen. How could I do more? Our Lord gave me the dates 28th March and return 23rd May 09 to fly from Australia to South Africa, commencing in Lydenburg. He told me that this mission would be an education, learning, and to meet people who would confirm the severity of HIV/Aids, TB and more!  I cancelled the surgery and made all arrangements. How could I doubt God when HE had saved me on more than one occasion and all had come to pass in Nigeria.
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