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“This is just the beginning of your journey said the Lord

The picture of the gentleman, and his leg, shows full blown Leprosy. I asked if he has treatment, he replied, "No mama, I walk miles to the treatment centre, but it is either closed, or they havn't any treatment". Readers, this man will lose his leg. Please help us.

Please read on, and you will see the government have granted me 50 acres of land to build facilities for Leprosy and TB at Akamkpa, which the Lord spoke to me about, but I have run out of finances. The land is opposite Cross River National Park, and situated on the main road. Many of these folk will transfer to our new facilities at Akampka, on completion.
This is only a little of what I have seen. Why God chose me, well He tells me - because of my faith and I never blamed Him for sickness and foolish mistakes. Why would I, when I heard His voice audibly warning me of a brain aneurysm, and a miraculous healing (See healing testimonies).

Nigeria Journal of Prophecies - 14
Prophecy 15
Prophecy 13
Leprosy eye injury
Leprosy Leg Wound
Leper Girl
Please, I need a shirt
National Park Sign
50 acres granted
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