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7th Vision woken large plump dove pure white.

8th am “You will build a motel that caters for people who also want to assist, ministers, volunteers worldwide come for education of villagers. You will pray for them. Akamkpa will be known as the Miracle Centre. Isaiah 51said the Lord.

Our Lord told me 13 years ago that He wanted me to set up a Miracle House, where people suffering sickness and disease, example cancer, would come for a healing in Jesus Name, little did I know it would be in Nigeria!

8th  pm. I was asking re the dove. “The dove is a symbol of the Holy Spirit, that lives in you. You are led by the Holy Spirit. The more you allow the Holy Spirit to lead you the more you will see things in your house in order. Linnie do not doubt all I give to you from 1996, when I told you of Miracles – Akamkpa is the first – Lepers will be seen by the medical profession, clean of I, you will lead them to a better life, where they will be taught the Will of God, and work will be available for them all” says the Lord “Your job role is the leader to put all infrastructure by the Holy Spirit, like the communication you are having currently” says the Lord.

Prophecy 9
Muslim leper on Calabar street
Linnie prays for leper
Leper 4 days after pray with face scabbing
Prophecy 11
Nigeria Journal of Prophecies - 10
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