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24th I prayed for confirmation of all the Lord was giving to me.       

VISION. Woken. “I bring you your wish of a pure white dove and My Cross.  Psalm 23.

29th “I will show you miracles re your finances – now do not doubt my Word” said the Lord.

30th “Support comes near and far enabling finances to assist your works in Me, go in my Name” says the Lord.

Readers Our Lord brought me finances in a miraculous way, to pay for my  trip to Nigeria and living expenses for three months. All glory to Our Lord.


3rd “I lead you to many small villages, who crave to hear my Word. TB is a must for you both. Seek and ye shall find. Over bridges and in the valleys, you will see much heartache. Cover yourselves well children, solid footwear Isaiah 61" said the Lord.

Yes all the Lord said happened, even TB at the centre the Lord told me about.

Nigeria Journal of Prophecies - 15
Prophecy 14
Linnie prays for young TB victim
TB ward at Obubra
Prophecy 16
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