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24th Together with Ps David and Blessing, we returned in the evening to visit the street children, to give them more clothes, and to preach the Word of God. Suddenly three “big” men intervened, saying they were the SS, meaning security, dressed in plain clothes. I tried to explain I was a missionary from Australia, and would be building an orphanage for the street children and facilities for victims of leprosy. Little did I know at that stage that they were concerned about David not us. They demanded the tapes we had, and I said “no way, we are here to help your people, and we need evidence of how these poor children are surviving.” They spoke to David, however not in our presence for about an hour. I prayed to Our Father to touch these men with the Holy Spirit. The SS let David go, and no they did not take the tapes. All Glory to Our Lord. Sadly David said that he paid them many 1000s of Naira, and asked me for the return of the money. I did not, he lied! I kept praying for him to see the light.

24th pm The Lord spoke to me about the event. “Yes the officer in charge was touched by the Holy Spirit, yes I touch him, why would I not?" said the Lord. "You are doing my works in an orderly fashion. Go in peace my children, go in peace,” said the Lord. “That is a lie (David),” said the Lord. "Observe him closely , he toes the line or he is out. I placed on your heart a season, part season. You are my are my missionary for my purpose only,” says the Lord. “Land will be provided to you for free. Rotarians support you in Calabar ( they did). Many, many high powered business men you both will meet.” All came to pass.

Nigeria Journal of Prophecies - 20
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Calabar Street kids getting clothes
Calabar street kids
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