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Readers, I had been helping a Pastor in Akamkpa for sometime financially. I sent money to purchase a vehicle, and no, I didn’t pray for what I call confirmation, and yes I paid dearly. What I have learnt and learning, is God at times uses people for only a season. David told me the vehicle he bought on my behalf was a 3 years old Mazda. On seeing the vehicle I realized immediately the Mazda was very old, full of rust, and ready for the tip. An old bomb, I called it! David was revealed more and more as you will see further on. Many people of this world must learn that God sees all and hears all, how can people doubt, do they really believe? We pray that he will wake up. I received the wrath of God, when I went my own way, it is not worth it. I lost everything that I had worked for. NIV Matthew 6:24 “you cannot serve both God and money.”

Nov 23rd “This car must be removed it is a danger, where is the evidence of purchase?“ said the Lord.

As the Holy Spirit gave me this message, I was shown a vision of the vehicle rolling over and over. Another saw an image of the vehicle diving off a cliff. The presence in the vehicle was the presence of evil. I was being set up, but God made a way! Proverbs 3:6 “In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.” AMEN!

Ps David took advantage of financial assistance given by Brother Keith and myself. Sadly, his church has very few members now.

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