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 We met most political leaders, Deputy Governor and Rotarians, and the King, yes the King, as the Lord told me on the 6th December.

28TH “You will continue to investigate all villages in Cross River State, then your future will be to go to other states. Orphanages in all villages, also leper colonies. This is your work children,” said the Lord.

 I did what the Holy Spirit asked, as I was led to the exact area the Lord told me prior to leaving Australia.

28th "Come before the Governor, give him point form, do not waste his time with trivia,” said the Lord.

6th “I place a white man in front of you, reputable trustworthy,” said the Lord.

We were looking to rent a house, and not having any luck! Yes the Lord placed a dentist in our path, and yes a white man he is. He then led us to a restaurant, owned by white people, and Charles being a relative of the owner, is a builder and more and being born in Nigeria, knows all the loop holes. Readers, as you can see, by being led completely by the Holy Spirit, all comes to pass.

Nigeria Journal of Prophecies - 21
Prophecy 22
Prophecy 20
Rotary approval
Linnie and Mike with the King
Obubra leper colony
Mike, Andrew, Dep Gov, Linnie
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