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6th “The King is overjoyed by your works – yes you will meet him, yet another miracle of I,” says the Lord.

I was like, "Lord why would the King want to meet me?" We were invited to meet the King three days later. Let me share with you how. We had been on television, and requested a copy of the tape, again I believe one has to bring evidence to society, otherwise many do not believe! I commented to a Nigerian man, how nice his clothes were, and we got speaking, and he asked what we were doing. I started, "we are missionaries. I had a prophetic word to go to Akamkpa, work with leprosy and abandoned children." I then said "what do you do?" “I am the MC for the King” he replied! I told him the prophetic Word the Lord had given me, he replied “Yes I will make arrangements for you to meet the King.” The King was lovely and encouraging, and offered much help for God’s mission. Save God’s Children.

Nigeria Journal of Prophecies - 22
Prophecy 23
Prophecy 21
Andrew, Linnie & Mike with the King
The throne
The king of Calabar
Linnie meeting King
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