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9th This is amazing, the Holy Spirit gave me exact directions of where I had to go to find the lepers living in the wilderness. I sms Ps. David and Blessing, ( a man who did most of the camera work on both trips) telling them of the directions.

9th am “2 hours south of Akamkpa, left at crossroads, hill over, right within the wilderness, take food, water” said the Lord. “Child these poor lost folk who have been abandoned, remember it is an empty shell, little further right then left in wilderness. Doctors are aware, they do not have enough beds, they take the ones who have a chance and are treatable, others are not treated, they pray they beg, they cry tears of hopelessness . I will direct you, wilderness I say. They camp near a valley, a stream of water within the jungle. I bring you a vision tonight” says the Lord.

9th Vision woken. Yes as the Lord said I saw a vision of 2 faces, one look disjointed.

10th am “You will witness all I have given you child, all in relation to lepers, abandoned. Listen, exactly 2 hours to turn off roundabout turn left at cross roads, follow over the hill, next turn to right, hospital. There is a track to the left which runs to the creek. They collect scraps from bins” said the Lord. I knew I had to find the people suffering with leprosy, and WE DID!!

Nigeria Journal of Prophecies - 11
Water at Obubra
Obubra ambulance?
Prophecy 12
Prophecy 10
Obubra leper village
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